JBL Roadster Design Overview


The Suspension
This chassis utilizes fully independent suspension on all four corners. The Front suspension is of rocker arm type, unequal length and non parallel, with inboard coil-over dampers and inboard attachment of the anti-roll bar. It is adjustable for caster, camber, and toe.
The front and rear suspensions are completely adjustable for various static camber and caster angles.
The differential is a Standard Ford 8.8 Thunderbird Super Coupe unit with Traction-Lok limited slip. Ratios are customer selectable.

The Chassis
The chassis uses FORD or 'FORD-compatible' components for all major items to insure serviceability ex-factory. These items include:

Basic dimensions are:



The Bodywork
The standard Bodywork is fabricated utilizing ISO resins, E-Glass cloth, mat, and core mat, with KEVLAR reinforcement in side door area. All layup is done by hand. The body is permanently mounted to the chassis utilizing structural urethane adhesives and mechanical fasteners. Exterior finishing on stage one kits is done by the customer, stage 2 kits are finished up to final wet sand and paint, And stage three kits are supplied painted to customer specification.

Interior View

Safety Components and Systems
It is recommended that the vehicle be equipped with a Cam-lock type 5 point harness system for both driver and passenger. A three point Roll-over bar is standard for road usage. It is recommended that the optional full width 4 point Roll-over bar be installed for road usage as it provides superior protection. For competition usage either a 5 point roll-over bar or a full cage system must be installed. A dash operated fire system with nozzles in the engine compartment and passenger compartment is available as an option.

Components and Assembly
In the stage two and three kits, all components such as lights, windshield, wipers, wiring, door mounting, steering column, brake lines, etc. are completed and installed at the factory. The suspension is installed and aligned to factory specifications. Brakes are bled and tested.


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