Engine Recommendations and Specifications

The engine bay will accept the 289-302-351 Ford Windsor small block engine. The configuration or performance options of these engines is determined by the customer. The power outputs can be from a very mild 275 hp 302 to a 750 hp NASCAR engine.  The exhaust system is custom fabricated 1 3/4 OD primaries with slip fit connection to the collector and muffler/secondaries.

305 Ford Small Block

Ford Crate 302 Installation shown above.

Scott and Jay Torberg's 408 TWM/Electromotive TEC-II Injected Motor. 
With standard JBL headers.
Visit their site for more details.
Photo courtesy Jay Torberg.


Engine Compartment
Oiling System
This chassis is designed to accept either a Canton wet sump oil pan or a dry sump system such as Weaver etc. A fabricated 2.5 gal. Alloy dry sump tank can be located on the passenger side forward footwell. This does not diminish passenger foot room. Oil cooler mounting is forward in location provided in Bodywork.

Gearbox & Differential
The chassis will accept either a Ford T-5 or TREMEC gearbox. The rear recommended ratios are 3.55 or 3.73 for road use and 4.10 for competition use. The gearbox recommendation is the Ford Motorsports T-5 or Tremec TKO with the close ratio gears.

Ratios and speeds in gears are as follows:

RPM @60mph 2272 2500  
Speed @6000 RPM. 3.73 rear end 4.10 rear end
Gear Ratio M.P.H. M.P.H.
1st. 2.95 44.7 mph 38.7 mph
2nd. 1.94 67 58.8
3rd. 1.34 98 85.2
4th. 1.001 131 114
5th. .80 164.9 142

Bellhousing, Flywheel & Clutch
The standard Ford T-5 bellhousing, steel billet flywheel and performance clutch assembly is recommended for road use. For competition use the Tilton LGC Bell housing as well as a Tilton 8 inch alloy flywheel and Borg & Beck twin plate clutch are recommended.

The radiator is front mounted on a tubular subframe which also has mounts for an oil cooler. The water radiator is a Aluminum cross-flow type with a 20X22 core section. The oil cooler is customer supplied to match engine requirements. For road use a thermostatically controlled electric fan is mounted.