It was JBL Motorsports goal, at the beginning of this project, to design and engineer a total vehicle package which would provide a competitive platform for usage by serious drivers in various types of competition events.

As we progressed in the design process, the thought of this vehicle as a road car became a topic of some interest. As the enthusiasm of the design group grew for a road application, we discussed what changes were necessary for this to be a road vehicle. It was agreed by all, that the only changes needed would be to substitute lower rate springs and dampers to make the ride pleasant.

The performance and handling characteristics would still be quite good, if not beyond the capabilities of the high dollar "Supercars" from Europe. Therefore the choice of specification, either road or track, is readily changeable by the owner.

Now that this project is completed, we find that we had the opportunity to design a very special vehicle indeed. We at Hudgins Engineering and JBL Motorsports sincerely hope that this vehicle will bring its owners many competition victories.

If however, it is used only for touring a country road on the odd Sunday afternoon with a friend, may it bring some very special moments in motoring, which for most of us, are now all but lost.

Keep the fun in it, there's only so much time.

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Richard D. Hudgins
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